Botond Feledy

Leadership Advocate, Geopolitical Analyst and Conference Speaker

Botond Feledy

Botond Feledy, along with his team, has been providing comprehensive analyses, covering a broad range of topics including EU policies, transatlantic relations, cyber security, energy security, and supply chain security, among others. Their extensive experience and knowledge make them a trusted source for organizations seeking to make sense of the complex geopolitical landscape.

Based in Brussels, the political hub of the EU, he has a unique insider's perspective, with a deep understanding of local dynamics and an extensive network of contacts, making him an invaluable asset for organizations seeking to navigate the complexities of EU policymaking.

Permacrisis. The word of the year in 2022. Navigating geopolitics has never been more challenging. Overlapping crises make foresight very hard. A good analysis supports you to filter the information noise, allows you to tap into the trends and facilitates the development of realistic scenarios.

Botond Feledy has been keynote speaker at YPO, Google, AmCham, Marsh&McLennan, ALD Automotive, Lee Hecht Harrison, Hammel&Hochreiter, Knorr-Bremse, Flame Amsterdam, Boston College, INALCO Paris, SciencesPo Dijon, PresseClub Concordia Wien, Robert Capa Center, DGAP Berlin, IFA Stuttgart, Visegrad Insight, APSA, CEU CENS, CEPS, Culture Action Europe.

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